Who am I?

A passionate and committed father.

Like everything where I have been involved, my dedication and proactivity are maximum, because only working on excellence people can one day aspire to be good at something.
In January of 2016 I have been father of two boys for the first time. A doubly singular but extremely gratifying challenge, where responsibility is imposed and the tests to which we are daily subject are intensily judged.

A dedicated and enthusiastic engineer.

I'm an engineering addict in its broadest meaning, however I've traveled through mechanical engineering. When I finished the course in 2008 I applied for a research fellow and since then I have been involved in the development of mechatronics devices, both in mechanical design and electronic design.

A hobbyist and sportsman in spare time.

I started practicing sports with Karate in the Shotokan style when I was 12 years old, but I was already in the Scouts. The following year I tried to conciliate the two activities with the basketball in the CAAS, but two years later I had to make a choice and gave up from Scouts.
During the university phase I dedicated myself to other types of extra-curricular activities. I participated in projects which the goal was the creation of a bilingual newspapers and where i contributed by writing articles and realizing and maintaining the website. I integrated several groups such as "Tuna de Engenharia", as well as extra-curricular projects fomented by University of Porto. Furthermore I practiced ballroom dances during 4 years in the Academia Pedro Sousa and DANCETIME.
In 2013 I returned to Karate, but in the Goju Ryu style, complementing it with gym workout at the Academia da Praia, both in Matosinhos. In addition, I have maintained some hobbies involving mechatronic systems and model railroad at the N-scale.